The HFS HCRIS Website gives users access to the CMS public use Medicare Cost Report data. The Medicare Cost Report data contains thousands of data elements per report for several thousand Hospital providers with several report time periods and iterations of those reports. In other words, it is a lot of data, too much for most users to be able to handle with the tools typically available. This website focuses on bringing key elements of the data into clear view, allowing users to look at only who and what they are interested in and easily filtering down to and extracting the data they want for further analysis.
This is a new product and we are very interested in what you think and your ideas for making it better. Whether you are a user, a potential client or just interested in Medicare cost report data, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts or suggestions. You can use the Contact Us link, located under the More Info area (on the right and in blue) or e-mail us at to give us feedback.
Snapshot reports have been created to look at key elements of the cost report:

PPS Hospital Dashboard
IP PPS Dashboard
CAH Dashboard
Balance Sheet
IPF PPS Dashboard
Wage Index
DSH Summary
GME Summary
IME Summary
Reimbursement vs. Cost Analysis
Bad Debt Report
SCH/MDH Report
Protested Amounts
HIT Reimbursement Settlement Report
Hospital Uncompensated (S-10)
Rehab LIP Report
Available Facility Reports

SNF Dashboard
S-7 Report
SNF Balance Sheet
Available Facility Reports

Recreated Medicare Cost Reports for All 2552-10 Reports

If you prepare or review cost reports, you are probably not used to looking at massive amounts of information in databases or spreadsheets. CMS has included all of the necessary data elements in the 2552-10 Medicare Cost Report Public Use File to recreate full Medicare cost reports. The database has complete PDF versions of the recreated cost reports available to view or download. Users of HFS software can download a recreated HFS data file (.mcrx) for viewing, editing, applying adjustments, comparisons, or for use with any other function in the HFS software.
Comparisons to Other Facilities

Are you interested in how your provider compares to other providers? The database has a function that takes one provider, lets the user select 3 other providers, based on filter criteria or direct selection, and then compares the key data elements. (Snapshot Reports - listed above).
Roll Up Report

A single provider report that includes data from one or more additional cost reports from other providers.
Advanced Search and Extract

The Advanced Search and Extract option allows the user to filter searches down to a subset of hospitals using the following options: Provider Number or Name, FYB or FYE ranges, Report Status, City, State, MAC#, Type of Hospital, Provider Type/Subprovider Type, CBSA, Bed Size Range, Organ Y/N, DSH, Teaching, CAH, SCH/MDH, Urban/Rural. The user then chooses which cost report elements they would like to download. Users can choose the data elements in our Snapshot Reports, a series of cost report worksheets (A, B, C...) or define their own.
And more….. You will set up a "My Providers List" that will make it very convenient to monitor and see data from particular of interest providers, the system saves your extracts for future downloading and the site has begun to look at and incorporate data beyond the HCRIS data. This site will continue to grow with data and features.
  • Annual Subscription for users at the same company:
  • 1-2 Users - $1,250
  • 3-5 Users - $1,750
  • 6-10 Users - $2,500
  • 11-15 Users - $3,000
  • 16-20 Users - $3,500
  • +20 – Users $4,500
  • +30 – Users $5,000
  • +50 – Users $5,500
  • +100 – Users $8,000


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